New package on the way.

Let me introduce the Interior 2023 BETA.


9/2/2022 1 min read

The beta version of Interior 2023 has been submitted, but there is usually an update before the release, what you will see is version 1.0.0, let's see what it all contains: (Of course, it will be released with about 100% more content than it is now)

There's more contents in the final check and optimization, and will be added soon, and I hope Interior 2023 will address most of the developer's needs. So, your letter is very important to me because I need to understand as much as possible about your needs. (But don't worry, as with Forest Sounds 2023, I'll be pushing as many updates as I can, so you can always send an email and maybe something you like will be in the next update!)

Before publishing, I will write a more detailed introduction, as well as the download link of the manual.